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How to manage kids on RV trips

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Even if you are a professional globetrotter, long trips in RV especially with your kids by your side can be “Migraine City”, unless you are totally prepared. So being aware of this you need take special care for your kids before you head towards your journey. Advance preparations with a few creative ideas you can begin your RV journey with lot of fun.
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• Pack your bag with some funny snacks like animal crackers, jelly beans, toy biscuits, and other such. You can make them play while eating. They can differentiate the jelly beans pertaining to its color or count them and arrange them in another box or animals iin the animal crackers can be grouped according to the species or should eat the animals as you name it. Packing extra snacks is much better than triggering the hunger of the kids and relatively to the temper tantrums. You can make the mouth shut by filling it with the snacks they love.
• The kids are excited to see all the colors, coloring books, water colors, crayons, glitter colors. Make them involve in coloring activity. Pack a big tote bag dumped with various games, toys, and cute surprises to make the kids busy throughout the travel. Polly pocket, girl-on-the –go, hot wheels cars, playing cards, building blocks, miniature kitchen set, are some of the exact games for kids, to make them sit in a place and play.
• Pack all the kids materials in their absence to make them amuse and distract from the traveling tantrums.
• Another thrilling way to avoid questions like “when will we get down or reach the spot”, is to take disposable cameras for them. Give the camera in their hand, so that they can make their own collection of photos. You can also engage them in documenting your travel along with the photos they have taken. Make them a RV photo journalist. Encourage them to capture photos at different destinations. They will be seriously involved in the collection of photos without any whine or complain or even bored.
• Traveling stiffens the body, so allow your children to stretch and run at least once in 2 hours. These regular activities will make them sleep on schedule. Provide them their favorite pillow, blankets, their pet dolls.
• Set a good example through RV travel, by using the good mannered words wherever you meet people.


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