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Preparing the RV for the spring and summer vacation with window film

Spray window film, window shade film, window film insulation

Preparing involves pulling out your RV from the winter storage and making preliminary preparations. To make the travel more comfortable, a window film plan is being carried out.
In case you are an average RVer, you will spend 5 weeks in the coach. It is a home-away-from-home process, which becomes more effective with the help of window film.

Want to know window film?
Window film is micro-thin metallized polyester, bonde by adhesives and applied over the glass surfaces to protect sunís radiation. It prevents 99% of the sunís damaging uv rays and the uncomfortable glare.
Heat control window films reflect the heat during summer and re-radiate the heat in the winter season making us to feel like we are living in the cave. They are easy to use and maintain then any other shades or screens. Screening gives good protection but must be removed during travel. Window films are such that they go unnoticed in the glass and also they are replaced once in 20 years only. It is long lasting too. It is an economical way to protect our vehicle and also for comfort.
Does solar control window film protect?
Yes of course, this window protects us from the sun, sunís skin burning UVB rays. They block up 99% of both UVA+B rays, thus protecting the interior also gives comfort.
Metallized heat control films reflect 70% of the sunís radiation giving a cool atmosphere during summer providing fewer loads on the air conditioner. During winter season, nearly 55% of the heat gets retained.
We may feel comfortable with the sunlight when we walk through the woods, but glare control window films reduces the glare completely.
Privacy films enhance your safety without darkening in the windows in case if you don wants any one to notice you inside.
Bonding window film by myself?

Itís easy to bond the films with the user-friendly products like spray bottle, firm squeegee and the utility knife. The instructions should be read properly before applying. The windows should be clean before applying the film. It requires few hours only. A soft clean cloth is used to wipe the window. The films are available with the scratch resistant coating.
Benefits of window film
Itís good both for us and the environment. The minimum cost for the tinting work requires $30 to $100. The most important benefits from this are safety, comfort and parch vehicle. The environment benefit may be added fuel economy. Air conditioner emits more fuel and pollution. We can reduce the pollution to nearly 50% by reducing the fan speed and burning less fuel. Savings are more important if you drive a motor home.
Do-it-yourself window films are available through mail order. To get more information login to


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