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Every American loves to travel. And many of them get a chance only at the time of retirement. After working for so many years together, the luxury of travel hits him at his retired age. These seniors are amazed with the idea of enjoy traveling in their RV or travel trailer. It is necessary for them to take some organized, safe and cost-efficient trips on their RV
Before starting your travel, insure your RV or motor home or travel trailer. Do not over pay for your RV insurance policy by getting into wrong insurance companies. RV Special Insurance is a specialized company in RV and motor homes insurance with their top 5 RV insurance companies. Call them today and get the help of the specialists to find the right insurance at right price.
? Itinerary
? Leaving a detailed RV trip Itinerary to a close friend of yours or to the family member who is not accompanying with you on the tour. It must include the all the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the people, places and way you are going to visit. This itinerary card will help the person if you miss to contact them due to various reasons. You can also have a card consisting of all the phone numbers of your beloved ones, so that you can inform them all about your proceeds in your travel.
? Medications
? Get into your family clinic and get your prescriptions refilled by your family doctor, before you take leave for your vacation. The phone numbers of the doctor and the pharmacies are must and keep it in a reachable place. Do not forget to get a note from your doctor regarding the reason of every medicine, so that you do not take wrong medicine. Keep a first aid kit along with these medicines.
? Prepaid cards
? Add a prepaid phone card in your checklist of traveling. With the help of prepaid phone cards, you can make international calls in easiest, simplest, and cheapest means. It is not only for the international calls; you can make use of it at any emergency that occurs when you travel. As you have the drive to travel around the place where you have not been yet in your life time, it is necessary that you hold all the essential communicative gadgets with you for various enquiries in your path of journey.
? Preventative measures
? If you plan for overseas tour, then plan according to the climatic condition of that country. Make a research on the country to determine to visit and take proper immunization on any endemic diseases. Contact Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for your need
? Stay out of over exposing photos
? If you happen to travel by air and are with exposed film of your travel experiences, make sure to pack it in your hand luggage. Never ever check it, as the x-ray machines have the chance of over exposing those shots. Ask for hand inspection than through x-ray machines.


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