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How to avoid windshield damages scientifically

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We, RV special insurance are a popular insurance company; give our helping hands to thousands of RV dealers nationwide. Hence we keep the records up to date and keep a watching eye in the dealership practices and procedures along with the new arrivals of RV gadgets, cleaners, warranties, gizmos, and the scams involved in it. So we are proud to show our customers about the new product in the market.
When you are on the road, particularly on a RV, you sure would have experience the of the heart pounding experience when you see a rock hurtling toward the windshield and the proceeding popping sound by the projectile. And it is sure you find damage there.
Now get the hell out of it with the new product in the market which is recommended by most of our RV dealer and it is this product. It gives you 4 years of guarantee time, to repair and replacement of the damaged glass. To be specific, we RV Insurance do not sell or make any profit by endorsing it.
If you really want to know the working principles of this product, carry on reading. In nut shell, the product makes some molecular change in the glass surface and it reduces the coefficient of the friction caused and thereby increases its impact strength as many as ten times.
The surface of the wind shield is smooth. On the contrary, if you look at this wind shield under a microscope, it gives an effect of looking at a 80 grit sandpaper, quiet rough. The windshield is like covered with millions of tiny peaks and craters, unevenly. Thus when your projectile start to hit the windshield; lets say, when the rock grips one of these peak or the crater, with its full force to that particular spot, and the force is strong, you sure get a crack in your glass.
The application of this unique product on the windshield fills the uneven surface and makes the surface smooth. So simple, and it not only makes it stronger, the slicker surface created will make the rock bounce or slide off without creating any damage to your windshield. The results on the test say that the windshield is protected 10 times more than the ones which is not applied with this product
Added to this benefit, the smoother surface caused by this product, makes a visual clarity even in the wet weather, as the water droplets rolls down the glass without any grip.
Get in touch with the RV dealer and get a quote and proper installation of the product. The price starts from $400-$2,000, according to the size. Calculate the cost of new windshield, RV insurance deduction, mood outs at your vacation can be brought down when you invest for this unique one.


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